Ageless VinoTherapy Secrets…I’ll toast to that!

Here it is, cabbie turn right when I tell you. Tucked away on Tribeca’s cobble stone streets is a non pretentious first rate Euro spa you cannot afford to miss. Follow me under the threshold into Delluva Vinotherapy Day Spa and you have entered into the age of miracles…. Whatever your true age on the outside, Delluva, meaning “of the grape”, reminds the world to stand still a moment so you can rush by gracefully on your way to one of their intriguing beauty rooms. Named after wine regions of the world - Sonoma, Bordeaux, Baden, these dimly lit contemporary spaces surrounded by stone bordered cork flooring and natural elements, instantly bring on mellow hypnotic suggestions. I sense something heavenly is about to happen here.

Delluva’s nurturing aestheticians assure you that of course, we are all the same age on the inside, and on the outside, well, that depends on where you spend your down time, and how important your diet and wellness plan is. So if you are a beautiful jasminlive woman (or man!) rejuvenate yourself as often as possible with a Euro spa visit right here in our city ….Glowing skin blossoms with care at all ages. So get to it …..and if you’re at midlife, it’s time for rebirth, now that you know what you didn’t know then. And what you didn’t know is that the vineyards of the world are on your side, producing body and skin lines rich in antioxidant healing properties. This first rate city day spa is the place to experience them fully. My suggestion is that you begin by making an appointment right away with Corina for a DELUXE ANTI AGING VINOTHERPY FACIAL –a 90 minute treatment of sheer bliss.

After completing a quick and thorough questionnaire on my skin, I am directed to a private dressing room and locker secure setting where slippers in my size and a warm cozy velvet robe awaited me. The candlelit BADEN room beckons me to enter and stay awhile in the cozy turned down bed. Throughout the facial steam cleansing, massage, a smooth vinotherapy mask and rich mosturizing treatment, Corina’s delicate hands dance across my face as if they are in sync with the atmospheric flute music. Layers of my thirsty skin drink in the rich grape infused emolients, serums and creams, as miracle enzymes awaken cellular rejeneration. As Corina calmly wafts about with first rate attention, I slip into a self induced intoxicated slumber without even one real sip to the lips. She then quietly snuck in a Cabernet slather on my toes and some divine reflexology. I utter a deep sigh. Where am I ? Perhaps Monti Carlo? or any first class world resort spa, far from the Gotham city grind.

Afterward, I am guided to a communal Relaxation Room, wrapped in a warm velvet blanket, and served a glass of Bordeaux, dried fruits and nuts. This serene setting contains a well stocked bar with healthful refreshing pick me ups. On a side table beneath stricking artwork a fresh bouquet of flowers and music are a perfect wind down to the perfect treatment.

I imagine that Marian Williamson, a savvy woman of today’s collective consciousness movement would feel right at home here with me, as we lounged alongside the Sommelier of Bouleys, discussing resveratrol benefits at skin ‘n soul levels. Prevalent in their Vinotherapy line, D’Vine and Davi (Mondavi ) products exclusive to the spa, the properties of the grape expound to include antioxidant healing, moisturizing and toning of the skin. Proven to be the joy food of the ancient Romans, Greeks and South Africans for more than one reason and they continue to surprise us. Sounds more than good to me and I’m sure you will want to spread the word. I know my friend Lynda would love it here. For this adventurous lounge chair travel on a Tuesday afternoon enlived my dermis into a velvety porcelaine wonder. Here, brush your hand against my cheek and you will no doubt agree!

As the years while away and we turn into a Vintage Cru, of course we all want to know the secret of getting 10 years younger. And well to be honest, it’s not about turning the clock back. It’s about being with each delicious moment you have now. So go ahead, you are in the right spot to relax. You can pop the cork, sip ‘n slather this vintage spa menu to suit your mood and skin regime. I know you don’t really want to leave yet, but don’t forget on your way out to visit the livejasmin boutique for unique wellness gifts. Stocked on original barrel shelving are your favs from Riedle,Tea Forte, Archipelago, Cocoa Room and more aromatherapy vino fragrances for home and body. In addition, your purchases earn you Vinotherapy Rewards Points that can be used within the spa.

To paraphrase the goddess Marianne W. “The Age of Miracles (and Vinotherapy) are available to anyone at any moment when we bring the best of ourselves forward.” Take your cue from the brilliance of Diane Hanson, the spa’s owner and conceptualizer who thought of every fine detail to make this an upscale experience to remember. From community art events, to personalized treatments for the discerning man or woman the attentive staff, Stephanie and Fiona, set the scene and provide event planning bar none. They suggest not to miss out on their PAIRINGS Interactive Mud Spa treatments for couples this valentines day, Paraffin Dip for winterized skin, bachelor and bachelorette party celebrations, mother n’ daughter days, are all divinely welcomed. Stop by for some vinotherapy on the temples, on the nose and the toes. It’s your year to be ageless, Grand Cru Classe. I’ll toast to that!


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Le Salon Chinois - New York Day Spa & More

I recently moved to New York from the City of Brotherly Love (a.k.a. Philly) and it’s true what they say—New Yorkers are as fast-paced as they get! But that also means they need to have a place to relax their bodies and minds from their long days at the office or wherever they call their second home. In Philly I would go to the spa as a special treat but since I’ve been here I feel as though it’s become more of a necessity. I am always on the go, whether it’s running down the subway stairs while trying not to trip, holding my work bag, my gym bag and my extra-large double-shot skim latte, or going to meet a potential source for an article at an 8:30am breakfast. Time doesn’t stop here but you definitely should every once in a while to get back to your center and find your chi—or to just not look so sleep deprived! There’s nothing better than getting a relaxing massage or covering up those roots that you swear you didn’t have last year. So, that’s just what I decided to do and I picked the most fabulous place to get it done!

Le Salon Chinois on 44 West 55th St. screams style from the moment you set your foot in the door. The entrance is a little hidden so I walked past it at first—you have to ring the bell to get buzzed up. It looks like an apartment building from the entryway but once you get off the elevator it’s like you’ve stepped into a world where only pretty things happen. The elevator smells like a salon—but like lavender beauty products and fresh haircuts, as opposed to your grandmother’s perm. The receptionist greeted me with a smile and the colorist’s assistant took my coat for me and offered me a selection of tea, coffee and cake before I even sat down to fill out the new client form. So far, so good! The assistant showed me to one of their changing rooms, equipped with body powder, lotion, towels and frocks (if I wasn’t feeling fresh, I was about to get there). I changed and was led to my colorist, Jose. His station was toward the back of the salon surrounded by a plethora of bamboo plants and his assistant was there making sure my hair wasn’t tangled, I had everything I needed and seemed eager to help Jose.

I must admit, I haven’t strayed from my regular hairstylist for quite some time (I have some explaining to do when I go back) so she’s used to my methods of description. For example, when Jose asked me what color I wanted to dye my hair I think I responded with something like “I want it dark brown but not too brown. And there can’t be any red in it at all because I hate red.” OK, check with the no red but what was I talking about when it came to the shade of brown I wanted? My hair and I have a history of coloring and up until my last salon appointment, I was a over-highlighted blonde (which I really liked at one point but now that I’m in NY I feel like I need to ditch my hippie ways and get down to business a little more with a serious hair color—and, let’s be real here people—brunettes are hot!) When I finally took the plunge and decided to go back to “mah roots” the dye job came out with these red highlights that I despised. There’s just something about red hair that I hate atop my head. I couldn’t tell my hair stylist I wasn’t really feeling it because, well, she’s like my friend since I have been going to her for so long and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Besides, I knew it was just the blonde trying to come through and hold on for dear life. So, Jose came out with about four magazines and showed me some examples of brunettes…I finally went with a Sandra Bullock shade of brunette, which I later admitted to him that I wasn’t sure if I chose it because I thought the color would look good on me or because I thought it looked good on her. Either way, I figured why not?! Worse case scenario, I have to re-dye my hair. Besides, this was all in the name of destroying those pesky grays that have somehow prematurely made their way onto my scalp!

While Jose was mixing my color I witnessed a girl with the most beautiful hair I had ever seen. Her stylist was doing Japanese straightening and wow did it look awesome. Her hair looked like it should be on a Pantene Pro V commercial—you know the ones where the women have that long, lustrous hair that seems to be magically illuminated from behind and always blowing in the wind. I think that might be something my curly top might invest in next visit. While I daydreamed about the day I don’t have to blow out my hair for an hour at a time, Jose did his thing and we chatted away about life and his career as a hair stylist.

The dye was cool but luckily I had a nice warm cup of tea to keep me cozy while my timer was clicking away. There was also a good selection of magazines to read, something I find to be key while waiting for the dye to set! But when the buzzer went off I got excited for my favorite part of a trip to the salon—the wash. There’s just something about when someone else washes your hair for you. When do you give yourself a really good scalp massage? That’s right, you don’t. But at Chinois they go the extra mile to make sure your shampooing experience is spectacular! They even have neck rests on their sinks so your neck never starts to shake from trying to hold your head up while they are rinsing the bottom of your hair. I don’t know if the assistant had a crush on me or I just want to flatter myself, but he massaged my head for at least five or ten minutes. It was miraculous!

Now that my time with Jose was over, it was time to get the locks chopped. Like I said, it had been a while since scissors had graced these split ends so I was a little nervous to sit in the hot seat (a.k.a., the stylist’s chair). Ilda was a friendly young woman who asked me what I wanted done. I wanted to say, “Chop it!” but I’m really not that exciting when it comes to haircuts. I did ask her how much my split ends suggested we take off. She knew right off the bat I was a fan of the straightening iron and I hadn’t realized how damaged my hair had gotten over the past five months that I apparently had been torturing it. It also doesn’t help that while I will pay top dollar to get my hair done, I never seem to make the splurge on quality shampoo and conditioners. She suggested I start immediately! Apparently, it really does make a difference. I guess she should know—she is a professional and her hair was amazing! She was even wearing it up and I could tell that it was close to perfect.

I decided to succumb to her expertise and the only guidance I gave her was to not cut my layers too short in the back. Curly hair likes to poof so if my back layers are too short they don’t want to be tamed! I also said I’d like to try bangs, but again the curls sort of prevent that from happening. The closest I can get is really long bangs that I can wear sort of side-swept. They look good when my hair is in a ponytail or down but they are never too short that I can’t pull them back in a snap. Ilda was pretty much great! She took off about three and a half inches and trimmed a little at a time at my bangs so as to not chop them too short. She was very attentive to what I wanted but also wasn’t afraid to tell me her opinion. She also mentioned a few times that my hair was pretty dry and I would need at least one or two more cuts before it would look totally healthy again. Well, I might just have to go back to see about that! She did straighten my hair for me (she sprayed a heat-protecting spray on it before anything hot got near my head, though)—I had a very special date that night and I wanted to look perfect! Let’s just say that I think it was an overall success because the compliments kept rolling in!

So, if you’re looking for friendly service, a luxurious atmosphere (including yummy cake and hot drinks!), and to walk out the door with your head high then you might want to think about calling and scheduling an appointment at Le Salon Chinois. Don’t forget to check out their killer spa on the fifth floor, too!

This is BLISS : Ode to a Beautiful Nude

Are you feeling a bit like a Greek mythological goddess ….rolling a beauty bolder up the steep hill of city life? What can you honor about yourself today that will massage your mind, body and spirit back to the top of the hill with renewed vim and vigor? Vavoom! How about a new perspective? As your Bodhi-spah-tvah croons, “We are all little gems in the mosaic of life”, so it is my duty to try and guide all sentient spa spirits, to inner and outer beauty, and that includes you. So here it goes…. A bolder, when sifted down becomes tiny grains of sand and salt particles, little crystal gems that can buff and polish to your advantage. And you can find them a Bliss. So keep it simple, and go with the flow to the sea of Bliss on 57th.

Just float on up to the third floor and into the Bliss boutique for a good look before plunging. An array of catchy slogans and names will amuse you into reading past the label. Drop a “La Mer” body cream into your sand bucket, or find “Youth as we know it…. a Love Handler…..or Fat Girl Slim…and a ..Thinny Thin Chin. Order your free Spring into Action catalogue right now by making a beauty call to 888 243 8825 . Solve all your gift dilemmas in an eye lash flutter when you purchase Blisscertificates for all the June brides you know…. and send them one on each anniversary. You will be fondly remembered long after the bliss babies have grown. Now its time for you to surrender your bodacious self to the care of one of those loyal Bliss technicians like Charmaine, an 8 year veteran who knows that the secret to a youthful dermis, is exfoliation. Come along now ..don’t resist…a Hot Salt Scrub for you. It’s just a bit of salt ‘n bliss….You can take it. And NO! Don’t eat the cheese and cookies in the resting room–it’s like serving candy in a dentist office!!! Please don’t make me stop you– go ahead and eat the cheese, then go back out and get the product to remedy it…and on return book yourself a Quadruple Thighpass, a lymph clearing treatment. Whew….that’s real subliminal on- the-spot sales and marketing.

The slick, floor to ceiling, aqua tiled body treatment room, and gigantic silver sprayers above, were a bit intimidating to a vulnerable declothed mermaid. It looked to me like a high tech operating room somewhere on Marina Del Ray. Even with Nora Jones crooning “Come away with me” I layed right down on this liquid silver tinfoil blanket, and tried not to imagine that I was an in demand, Chilean Sea Bass prior to roasting….Oh, just a bit of butter first? Charmaine covers me with a cream foundation, then without warning splays a salt, herb and oil solution along my thigh. Ouch, careful there…. it’s tender enough. This is not what you would call a relaxing treatment, but in the end, I can assure that you will thank “no nonsense Charmaine”, for her thorough and abrasive, salt approach. In preparation for an early spring that’s just around the corner, she sloughed away layers of those old cells, buffing and polishing the top into rejuvenation. Emollient lavender, rosemary and cleansing eucalyptus filled the air and soothed me into deep breathing. These healing herbs seep deep and sleep beneath the top layers, and will discard any dry, scaly imperfections weighing upon mermaids or land creatures. This is a perfect recommendation for Lynnea and Carole, head mermaids from the Deeper Dialogue group….come on in Goddess’s the water is fine! A quick warm water rinse and I return to the table where a minced cucumber eye rest works on my lids. Just in time for a brushing of lemon sage cream, to finish the dish, mmmm… perfect on any menu.

Another favorite, on the long list of spah-aholic services is the Ginger Rub. This is a combination treatment of fresh ginger root with warm detoxifying oils and a foil wrap, followed by a 20 minute soak and 100 minutes of massage. When the newlyweds have their first argument, just remind him where the bliss comes from. From deep within, of course. Then have a Bliss bouquet of spa goods delivered for a backup to outer beauty. Cheerful Abby, the night closer, slipped me down a cloud infused hallway for a peek into the aqua colored facial room and equipped me with a Bliss bag of my own goodies on the way out.

What would Pablo Neruda say with his poetic gaze, following a latent and lingering hand motion trickling along the mermaids curves, ” An ode to you, beautiful nude, ….with my chaste heart, with pure eyes, I celebrate your blissful beauty “.

You heard the poet …celebrate your BLISS.!! And for the fun of it, take him with you, so both of you can reap the benefits! There are plenty of masculine (Manly-Cures) and feminine tenderizing techniques to be had here, there and in most top cities. Don’t you be bashful, cause Bliss is not, and is pairing with progressive and beckoning W Hotels nationwide, to bring high tech spa services to loungers and urbanistas on the go.

Buff Spa@Equinox Fitness Club

Did you know that Spring Equinox typically takes place each year in Mid March. It’s a time for new beginnings and one of the astrological points in the year when our daytime and nighttime hours are equal. Because of this, we have just as much time to rest, as we do to play. So come on my friend. Let’s go play in the Buff Spa@Equinox Fitness Club….non members are welcomed here.

Equinox’s 78,000-square-foot Club & Buff Spa, one of the countries most extensive and fashionably fresh facilities is renowned for its professional approach to fitness, and wellness signature services for transit weathered connoisseurs seeking a haven of anti aging practices for all of you that feel right at home here. With over 18 locations in Gotham City this is the one to arrive to. It offers refined fitness classes, one on one training, an extensive array of state of the art cardio and weight-training equipment, an indoor track, and a glistening pool teamed with a luxurious full service spa and retreat center. One of the largest in the country for Equinox, Buff Spa is discrete for extra d’luxe privacy with 11 private rooms to choose from, and who does not like that!

Ok, all you twitterers ….follow me now…Take a deep breath and enter here on the third floor as we make our way downward. The airy gym, framed by a picturesque window facing a beautiful tree lined street, makes this a real New York experience. The bicycle gallery is fully equipped with a multitude of media screens and a cascade of softly panting health enthusiasts going nowhere but into slim dominion. SIim Dominion …eh? Say that after a few spins in the class and you know your cardio is up to snuff. Want to know a secret? If you make your way down the stairs and book a spa treatment for 100.00 or more, you get the key for a whole day to this full Equinox gym club and spa facilities, top to bottom. Now that is a deal to tell all your traveling and visiting buddies. They can meet you there for a city escape. Just don’t tell too many people on any one given day cause right now the club room is a prime time oasis for cultivating your equanimity…In case you are not privy to this term, as your Bodhi Spah Tvah, let me explain. Equanimity is a rare high ranking, not easily obtained Buddhist discipline on par with benching 300 for about 2,000 eons non stop….but with your mind and spirit …The quality of a pure, undisturbed and composed mind is the result. So let’s begin here together slowly … come to understand the most beneficial exercises in life include all parts of the body, the mind and the spirit. if you are sincerely seeking equanimity that is….it is a long journey into these deep waters of the spirit…one toe at a time, I say.

Swaddled in matching white robes, my good friend Leah P and I gleefully practiced this technique as we stole the day away …sans guilt. Oh, she confessed at the start something about this being a decadent escape but continued steadily to remain in flow with our newly found freedom, without even a blink. I was so proud of her. Besides I’m not the kind to indulge while whining…. it’s simply a bad idea…no sire. I’ve got my priorities straight. A first rate hot lux wax mani - pedi at the famed Buff Spa was next on the list. Need I say that every step of the way, we relished the nurturing experience of hot wax slathering thank you to the appendages that keep us moving and shaking through out our lives. The only suggestion we had was for the supreme management at Equinox to hang some beautifying art on their walls by contacting Leah at She could turn this snow white spa room into a feast for the eyes without any calories added. Or perhaps add one of her fine bronze sculptures of 101 beds to the spa rooms for a whimsical mood change. Oh, it just gets better now, girlfriend……as our friend Suze Ormond would say….this is a fine way to spend your hard earned dollars. As your Bodhi Spah Tvah reviewer I definitely agree …. Invest in yourself and your friends for greater returns you will never regret.

Next. Another bench press.. I’m sorry I don’t mean to mislead you …. I meant bench push away with the feet, as we rose from our chair ….as we wiped the accumulating steam from our brow, we were directed to the lounge in the posh and private Miami beach styled clubroom. Here we ordered a healthful green lunch delivered from the on site cafe and watched the execu staff at the helm, They did a white glove once over to be sure that things were just perfect for our visit. Well of course they were pleased to see how we had adjusted without effort to their first rate facilities..Did we feel special …I would say our mind was becoming quite undisturbed and composed, in the meanwhile Equanimity was rising all around us.

Everything was double on this day. We two, the double trouble twins, almost double decades apart in age but not in spirit, double toes, double massages, but not double the stress. Equinox’s and their 7 star Spa Concierge Mr.Kip and very pleasant staff were super gracious in their offer to provide a Buddy Spa package to celebrate our friendship! So, I’m going to tell you all about it so you dont forget that this is a special Mothers Day gift you can gift. Do it now for further equanimitious merit.

I recommend that we name this a national holiday and call it “Equinox Friendship D’Lux Day” cause nothing is better than my friend Leah’s presence in my life on this fine equinox.. We should all be honored to have such insight, wisdom and creativity to slough away the blahs, backlashes and bunions of city biz….and besides its her birthday coming up…we need to begin celebrations today! I say we do it with a hot oil and shiatsu tailored deep tissue massage that was profoundly purrrfect! “Hey there Georgi girl”, she calls and points….”.Tip toe over here, to the corridor of conscious dreaming and lay down right here.” Just adjacent to the full service pool area, you will find massage rooms polished and perfected, a stones throw from bustling Lexington Avenue, and never would one guess a full gym was pumping iron just two floors above. There was something about the way the licensed masseurs hands traced each muscle that meant instant healing to my body. I asked her what she did specifically and she replied ” its an intuitive technique that I tune into combining a few massage methods together “. You can choose from many types. I’m certain all of them are irresistibly blissful ….Stone Massage, Pre-natal, Craniosacral and Reflexology.

Don’t over do it now friend, or you will be limping from relaxation if you do. All you sports addicts can just slither down the stairs for an individually tailored sports massage and muscle lengthening too…and only one more Equinox secret will pass my lips today, I promise. Did you know for a nominal fee they will lovingly launder your Lululemon and Nike athletica and place it fresh in a locker awaiting your next days session? Amen, to a heath club that even does your laundry!!! Or better still just donate it to their socially sustaining Wearable Collections recycling program. They can offer you a myriad of of special event services that include top notch nutritional advice and on site complimentary group fitness for your birthday, bridal shower or corporate bonus packages without the jet. Remember this on New York Marathon weekend for all those out of towners that will visit you. Now remember, this is not the Mandarin Hotel Spa, but it could be for the way the 7 star transit lifestyle services and retreat presentations were offered and executed with every ones personal best at peak. Kudo’s to you Equinox Spa.

Chuckling away my friend and I left the world behind as we whirl pooled and pooled our thoughts how this d’luxe experience could be duplicated as soon as possible. With the recent economic crash, greed expounding Ponzi schemes and fair weather friend scams, health and moral bankruptcy seems to be abounding in this world. I could only thank all those frugal ways my insight was saving up for this rainy day…So go and exercise your need, to splurge with those that mean the most and don’t forget Mother’s day is coming up fast. After all, what does the power of equanimity mean if its not shared with those you care enough to call friends.