Day Spa Gata - Afternoon facial

I couldn’t wait until mid-week to make my appointment at Day Spa Gata. It was a Monday morning, the start of another work week. I could hardly conceal the dark circles around my eyes with the miracle of make-up. The humidity in the air was stifling and by 11a.m. my skin was disgusting to the touch, my hair was in dishevel; I was feeling utterly, utterly run down.

By noon I had booked it to Day Spa Gata located at the Park Green Medical suites townhouse on the Upperwest Side. This holistic skincare spa is cozy - small but makes for lack of space with abundance of treatments. You don’t have to look far for testament to this. The hallway is lined with technology that although is unnerving to see, is thankfully kept out of the sanctuary of a treatment room until necessary.

After a short wait I was greeted by my cosmologist Lara. I was getting a deep cleansing facial. The facial is perfect a Monday midday - no extractions and smooth jazz – essentially a painless facial that didn’t remove me so far from reality I couldn’t get back to work.

Lara applied a base for the high frequency. Surprisingly I only felt the slightest shocks, nothing like what I was dreadful of. She applied a refreshing lavender glue mask after that then left the room for who knows how long. I could still hear noises from the narrow hallway aside but I don’t recall ever feeling that deep a relaxation. In retrospect I imagine it has something to do with my absolute favorite part of the facial, which was the massage. Lara had given me a massage that could put armies to sleep. Her strokes were small and firm and holy cow did they lift the muscles in my forehead, eyebrows, and temples.

When Lara came back into the room, I knew my time had come. Minutes after she removed my mask, left the room for me to change, I mustered up the strength to get ready, I snuck a peak at myself in the mirrors that lined the wall. My lifeless face was raised from the dead without any embarrassing redness to my T-Zone. The treatment was a pleasure.

The Beauty Jewel in the Matrix….it’s You!

If you think no one is watching…blink again…..according to the ancient Sutra, there are an infinite number of jewels throughout the universe that serve as cosmic eyes. Gregg Braden in The Divine Matrix says, “Each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels”. This holographic view that tells us everything we need to live and grow is always with us, everywhere,all the time….from the simplicity of a blade of grass to our bodies.

Beauty Jewel Spa and Laser Skin Care Center, is named “the gem of the neighborhood”, Greenwich Village that is, so while you are scanning your inner divine matrix, direct your “ body jewel in the rough” to this polishing palace. This mini spa, although does not offer the full spa amenities of a steam room, will carefully tailor your up to the minute sparkle on the go. They specializing in very affordable refreshers of all kinds, and a full menu includingmedi facial treatments, the lux products of Sonja Dakar and Yonka Paris and laser and wax express 30 minute services for your busy schedule. Ask about their annual membership and make this a year you really take care of yourself and those you love. If you want top service straight from the Kremlin, Nina, the petite Russian goddess masseuse, will not overlook your need to feel rejuvenated. Her trained hands will find knots you didn’t know existed and banish them. I experienced a Deep Tissue Body Massage that was almost of medical quality. My computer neck muscles were retracted and strained, and had been giving me severe headaches that subsided by the end of the visit. Another lasting impression left my facial skin nurtured and tended to with a Jewel Glow Yonka Deep Hydration treatment using the most intense lavender and herb Yonka Paris products….oooh la la!

Valentines is just around the corner, so here is a thought to plant. Reserve the couples room for a Rare Emerald Sensitive Skin Facial, using ultra sonic rays and herbal facial products sure to soothe and calm you alongside a Tigers Eye facial for him, or treat him to a Luv my Guy package with lunch included. Pamper is the word you need to remember, cause it’s a long cold winter ahead.

Are you are in charge of gifts at your law firm or company?Don’t wait for a special occasion to see productivity soar…book a lunchtime “gratitude certificate” for each of your hardworking secretaries. Executives benefit as well so don’t leave them feeling out of the loop ….accupressure massages, and full service beautifiers to suit any office doldrum, or boardroom fatigue. Perhaps you should come and try them yourself first…Now that’s a good idea.!

I believe the saying goes….Do onto others as ye would do onto thyself …so If you are feeling you want to do some extended good in the global sphere, contact the owner himself …Gennadiand his lovely wife Laura will customize a Sunday Spa Party for groups of 10 or more. a choice non profit that provides humanitarian aid and post trauma relief for affected areas or the charity of your choice will receive a portion of the proceeds. It’s a new day ….it’s a new dawn and time to refresh everything America!!!

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