Amore Pacific Spa: The Marriage of Skin, Sense and Soul

I know I invited you to tea….but what did you think I had in mind? Just take a walk along Spring Street in Soho with me. Stop right there sojourner I know you’ve traveled far and wide to come to this spot, so trust me…Here is the portal where you can step into a world beyond our world and be transported into the Avalon of botanical bliss, the Beauty Gallery of Amore Pacific. Don’t just stand there wasting time and aging….breath deep, this is your chance for amore. You said you were ready for it.

Yabu Pushelberg, the architect, must have been densely dreaming only to wake up in a flora and fauna fantasy, when he drew the plans for this indoor outdoor Asian spa. I almost imagine laying beneath a wild wisteria like rain forest with him, swaddled in pristine linens within a dark chocolate cocoon. An eternal waterfall trickles in the background and the nearby call of a Trogon sings out. He reaches for a supple virgin leaf drenched in red ginseng, and crushes it gently to my lips whispering, ” must we ever move from this spot? “ In Eastern tradition when the five elements of fire, tree, earth, metal and water are in balance, our spirit and energy is radiant and optimum. That was certainly his aim, along with the expertise of this 60 year old skin establishment, I can tell you, they have achieved it.

I was told by Alexandra, aesthetician amore, (and my skin now knows it to be true) that six decades of Korean beauty wisdom can mystify and restore skin cells into youthful memory. She assessed my skin with a gentle Elemental Energy analysis and didn’t miss a spot as she began to cleanse and purify my pores. There are five Elemental Facial Treatments and she is the one to suggest the best, along with any Treatment Boosters. The silent purr of the wave machine worked away toxins millimeter by millimeter, reducing any puffiness or sad cells through a lymphatic drainage process. Contour facials make you look 10 years younger and are one of the most non invasive forms of natural rejuvenation. All without ever moving from this spot! Committing to a Spa Regimen Series entitles you to a complimentary service when you purchase a treatment package. You could also try a Seaweed Contour Masque or a Five Element Body Massage by Makiko. This is not a place to leave out neglected areas. On the contrary, amore yourself like never before.

I look upward and there is a prolific softly tinted portrait hanging above and grey stone slab sinks beneath, that are overflowing with H20 goodness. It is the image of open palms cradling a green tea flower in offering. I did invite you to tea didn’t I? I just didn’t say we were going to drink it! For hours after this facial, I breathed in the scent of macha green and I fell into a bit of a time warp where I could just remember myself at 24, fresh and green with all this wisdom pouring outward. You are so lucky to know me now that I am ageless and know what I knew then, and some….don’t doubt it. Some youth though, is still wasted on the young. My friend Leah understands this philosophy perfectly.

Alexandra, prepared a take away skin sampling of supplements that included Contour Lift Eye Cream, Moisture Bound Vitalizing Cream, Enzyme Peel Treatment, Body Treatment cream, all sleek and zen packaged in silver foil. I almost didn’t want to take it because it meant I soon had to exit the forest. These products are also offered exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Speak with Melissa, a modern spa maven about their new menu and some of the private in house events for select clients. You will want to be included.

If anyone asks you why you can’t pass up this offer to experience “tea” in an entirely different way, remember these simple facts. From the Jeju islands off a Korean coastline, fields and fields of pristine green tea plants meld into herbal elixirs, froths and emollients. Rarely cultivated 6 yr old red ginseng, stabilizing bamboo sap and potent EGCG-the rarest and purest green tea compound known, synergized with Bio GF1K, will change how you see skin wellness. “This is a marriage of sense and soul”, as Ken Wilbur, omnipotent consciousness guru would say. “The perfect amore” is when science and nature meet nurture. In a courting ritual of age defying botanicals and nano technology delivery, microcosms of ingredients slip through the cellular structure to bring revitalizing botanical benefits where they are most needed. I know that you are now convinced how this translates to skin miracles…its simple. When ancient secrets have been nurtured with more Amore…miracles happen. That’s it sojourner, use a slather of the Body Treatment on the roughest parts and turn them to silk. So now….let me ask you once again…want to go to tea with me?