Bodhi-Spah Tvah Spa - My North, My South…My East West Living

Being from the south, and growing up in the north, I just can’t seem to keep this” east meets west”, secret to myself any longer … and you, are the lucky one to hear it first. Who would have known that located next to the infamous landmark, East West Books and Cafe, is this 2nd Floor, East West Living and healing studio, a soothing peacefilled haven that all on-the-go New Yorkers need to visit. But don’t tell everyone ..only your most stressed and cherished urban friends in need of body awareness and energy revitalization . Chuckle, Chuckle…. that should include just about everyone you and I know. For example, my friend Alfred, this is for you.

Mark Thomas, manager and gentle giant masseur, lead me to a candlelit room ,immersing me in quiet beginning with the sound of flutes permeating the air. This asian inspired high ceiling room, was filled with serenity and a sparse, clear atmosphere. As if the walls whispered, I could almost hear a soft eastern wind swirl by in the stillness of this space. Here, I learned certified practitioners are able to give their clients more than just the physical benefits of massage, by incorporating accupressure, crystal healing and an array of chinese healing arts in combination with massage therapy. The international staff from a dozen different countries, make available their extended services of tai chi, chigong, shamanic alignment, ayengar, restorative and core strength yoga sessions in the open rooms throughout the floor.

Mark’s history as a trained, “Pa Kua sword and martial arts master” (8 changes -The Martial Arts of the I Ching) wasn’t apparent but worked it’s quiet will through his graceful walk and attentive manner that seemed to unarm me into ease. I couldn’t sense and didn’t know till afterwards, that his wrist was completely reconstructed with titanium, as a result of a snowmobiling accident that turned this island Warrior into a Healer.

A warrior is a noble and heroic opponent but the ultimate opponent in a warrior’s life, is himself. “I learned to balance the Ying and the Yang energy through this experience and became a healer” he said calmly. Through his own challenging process he learned more about the healing arts and was trained in various ancient chinese energy techniques that allow the release of energy blocks. One of his specialties is an hour and twenty five minutes of “Sky Energy Reiki” namely a “Chren Chi Kua” session, where the unlimited energy of the omnipotent sky is channelled through him to heal and rebalance your chakras and meridians. Oh!, you say …he can do all that? Just try it, once a month for three months, and I’d be curious to know what your closest friends notice that has changed about you. You can leave your comments right here below, to entice the rest of us.

During this precious time with lucky me as the recipient, he dropped warmed rosemary, mint oil into the fluid sweeping motions of a soothing Chinese Energy massage treatment, lingering and moving to open the meridian pathways. increase the directional energy and clean flow throughout the entire length of my torso. I asked him where he felt the blockage on my body and he located the midsection around my ribcage and back that always holds my stress load. Pretty good in one hour, I’d say. In completion, he incorporated gentle reflexology on the hands and the feet. As I drifted off on a slow boat to China , i recalled an old saying,” the fragile body is a matrix for the mind and soul”.

You can visit the studio for an array of unique healing products and books. Where else can you find “Ganga Water” straight from the holy Indian river, or watch a special film screening , participate in monthly reiki gatherings and up to the minute energy treatments. In February, exchange your Whole Foods receipt for samplings of classes and services…You don’t need a compass to get here cause they are very close to Union Square at 78 5th Avenue— just ring Mark ahead of time and bring a friend along for an exotically healing Chinese Energy Healing Massage, to be remembered by all your chakras.

Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care Spa At Your Hands

I was surprised to learn that Laszlo, owner of Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care Spa, is also a graduate of Juilliard – possible the only school in the world for the arts needing no introduction. Coincidentally I was lugging with me my classy guitar for an engagement later that day. I waited in a plush blue couch, scarcely noticing the hair and nail salon the proceeds the spa. The ambient lighting transition is a sure give away you’re in for pampering. I had asked Laszlo to choose my treatment. I was taken by surprise when what he led me to was a machine, not a dreamy muscular therapist. I looked around the room baffled and curious. Laszlo explained the mechanism of their signature technology. I am compelled to disclose the magic behind this technology, the Le Cachet RejuvThermal Cocoon.

This state of the art body treatment machine opens your pores with heat, pure oxygen and hydrates you with skin rejuvenating seaweed vapor. Once you’re comfortable in the capsule, a towel wrapped around your neck, the machine does all the work of revitalizing your skin. Well, I shouldn’t say that –the entire process is in Laszlo’s hands.

The RejuvThermal Cocoon first takes your body temperature. With that little bit of information, put your mind to rest as the Cocoon determines the appropriate temperature increase in the chamber, making you sweat without doing the work. Pure oxygen is released inside while you lie in on a wood slated bed contoured to the shape of your body. Talk about deep pore cleansing. The dirt and toxins flow out of your body and drain out of the Cocoon. When you’re ready, seaweed is poured in and vaporized to microns (pardon me if I’m off by decimal places - my science is kind of rusty). Essentially, the vapor condensing around your body is absorbed into your skin. The treatment ends with a refreshing vishy shower, computer calculated for the appropriate temperature for your body.

But enough now of machines – I got started with Laszlo helping me into the Cocoon. (You do need to get in naked so if you feel more comfortable with a female attendant, just ask) Lying in this machine for an hour was siesta time. Rather, I was in a meditative zone where I was still conscious of the sensations of my body. It might be noteworthy to mention, I can consider this a face treatment too. Laszlo was waiting for me to look like I had just run five miles on a hot, humid summer day. I didn’t notice myself that sweat was gradually trickling down my face.

Laszlo is a gentleman. A small downside is that getting out of the machine can be slippery and difficult. Laszlo helped me out without a problem. I felt like Cinderella getting out of her pumpkin carriage. My impression is Laszlo has an eye for fine details, as I imagine he does for musical notes. The evidence is in the touches he adds to the spa.

Certainly, for the many New Yorkers who are hesitant by a stranger’s touch, the Le Cachet RejuvThermal Cocoon might be what you need. You have to head to Le Cachet Holistic Skin Care Spa. The experience is a must and I am oh very fortunately to have gotten into one.