White Tea Spa - Have a cup in New York, NY

At White Tea Spa it was easy for me to get caught up in a sense of entitlement to the finer things in life. The name is exotic and the space is a beautiful loft on W.14th St. that breathes the air of European elegance. This spa is one of the city’s unexpected getaway spots, on the ranks of the nearest Starbucks, for those with a refined taste.

I had an afternoon appointment for a White Tea Sugar Scrub. My mouth salivates at how delicious the scrub sounds. As I waited to meet Sandra, co-owner of the spa and my therapist for the day, I found out that there actually aren’t many unappealing treatments on the spa menu – each one had a tea-licious name that pumped my imagination. Talk about an imaginary tea party.

The spa is modern-day elegance. In the grand scheme of things the flatscreen television caught in the array of essential oils and candles is not out of place at all, nor are the eye-catching portraits of feminine beauty. No, those touches really added to the experience of sitting down to have a cup of tea.

Sandra is absolutely endearing. She has a warm enthusiasm and smile. After giving me a short tour of the spa, she left me to get ready in what felt like my own personal treatment area with a chance to freshen up, change, and comfy up in one confined area. Sandra came back and we went into the room. In my case, time went too quickly. I must have been in the mood to chat because I couldn’t resist conversation with Sandra throughout the scrub. Before I knew it it was over and what I was left with was a long lasting impressing – Sandra had chosen the White Tea Sugar Scrub for me knowing I would carry the sweet aroma on my skin for hours after the treatment. What a treat.

All the treatments use formulas containing white tea for its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that FYI is more than you’ll get from green tea. With cuteness and style, this spa combines some nature with a lot of nurture.

Park Avenue Nutrition And Spa - Treating Your Health

Not too sure what I was looking for, but open to the possibilities, I paid a visit to Park Avenue Nutrition and Spa. I’m a tireless seeker of health and happiness. Although I won’t turn down a vitamin rich massage, it was time for me to face reality. I knew it was time to meet face to face with a nutritionist.

My visit to Park Avenue Nutrition and Spa came in two exciting parts. First, nutritionist Lisa Cohn, sat down with me to explore my diet and any grievances. After taking a good look, it was clear I needed more than a bit of help from the inside out. I gladly committed to a personal plan, which Lisa stepped in to devise. She had given me more to go on that I could have hoped for.

While that was that for my long-term commitment, how about some fast acting relief here and now? Lisa introduced me to reflexologist Kay. It was my first time giving reflexology a try. I didn’t know much about it except it was a practice as old as the stars and moon. Well, figuratively. As I soon find out, reflexology is a practice that is best explained hands-on, and it was a very enjoyable lesson.

Not the typical foot massage. I was laid out on the bed with only my feet bare, oddly feeling more self-conscious than normal. Maybe first thing’s first, and that’s to take away that nervousness. Kay in as few words as possible explained to me the different pressure points in the feet that would help release the tension I had stored up in my mind. That was all the explanation that was needed. My response was automatic when Kay began applying pressure to my feet. For a half an hour I was so far from daily stresses, external and internal. I felt a head rush when it was over, a sign to me that my body quite enjoyed the experience.

In sum, I’d say Park Avenue Nutrition and Spa is a place to care for your body and living style. Before I left, Lisa handed me her recent article on the health benefits of chocolate (recently published on MSNBC.com), along with what other than a piece of organic chocolate. I thank Lisa for this guilty indulgence turned healthy indulgence.